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Sell Online - create your online store now!

It has never been so easy to sell on the internet.

Get your business the online store it deserves, with ALL the features you see on the big sites. It's remarkably easy!

1ShopPal is now integrated with eBay and PayPal!

Run Your Business On Autopilot

Making money online has never been easier. With your 1ShopPal website you can sell anything you want whenever you want. Your online business will virtually run on autopilot!

Ideal for anyone who does not want the hassle of managing a website.
Sell Online - create your online store now!

Sell anything on the internet!

Online Shopping Cart
Catalogs & Photo Albums
Online Order / Feedback Forms
Email with your domain name
Plus 30 more features!

No programming needed! - create your online store now!

Introducing the most exciting and impressive online store builder of the year.

It’s the new 1ShopPal, a total website store builder that allows you to easily make your own internet store, sell online, process transactions and keep in touch with customers right from the comfort of your personal computer.

With this amazingly easy website building technology you are able to build a rich, high-powered, full-featured website for your business in Under 5 Minutes. Perfect for people who do not know how to program a website!

1StopPal is now integrated with eBay and PayPal! List your products on eBay with a simple click of your mouse and process payment with PayPal.

Try 1StopPal now!

Value that can't be Matched Anywhere!
Includes Everything You Need:

  • Free Customer Newsletter System ($80 Value)
  • Free Customer/Order Database ($39 Value)
  • Free Feedback Forms ($32 Value)
  • Free AutoResponders ($80 Value)
  • Free PayPal Shopping Cart Tools ($100 Value)
  • Free Search Engine Registration ($79 Value)
  • Free Full Feature Website Wizard ($800 Value)
  • Free Merchant CC ID OAC ($150 Value)
  • Free Authorize.net Setup OAC ($299 Value)
  • Free Pro Stock Image Library ($149 Value)
  • 50% Off Premium Hosting ($250 Value)
  • Free Quick Start Guide (“Priceless”)
  • Bonus 1 200 Extra Product Spaces
  • Bonus 2 Designer Huge Discount Coupon

Gain The Power Of
6 High Powered Tools In One

With 1ShopPal every aspect of your online business is included and integrated into one SUPER EASY ONLINE STORE MANAGER. This makes updating your site simple, fast, and everything is easily controlled in a single place. You will never have to worry about one part of your site not working properly with another part of it!

You SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars by quickly and easily building your online store yourself with the easy to use 1ShopPal website wizard. Simply, EVERYTHING that you will ever need IS INCLUDED with your website. It would cost you thousands to try to copy yourself:

With 1ShopPal you WON'T need to:

  • Buy a website from an expensive programmer or try to make a pro website yourself by learning complicated software.
  • Buy transaction security certificates
  • Buy a shopping cart system for your site
  • Pay a designer to design your website
  • Buy an ecommerce system to process orders
  • Buy a sales and customer database
  • Pay a programmer every time you want your website updated
  • Pay for Merchant ID to accept credit cards online
  • Pay for secure reliable dynamic hosting

You can't be worried about all these things when you have to focus on what you know best - your business! With 1ShopPal everything you need is included and taken care of for you behind the scenes.

There is no faster or cost effective way to build your online business. For every dollar you save with 1ShopPal, there is another dollar you can use to grow your business.

1StopPal is now integrated with eBay and PayPal!

  A sampling of 30 sample websites you can see built with 1ShopPal.

How It Works
  Shows you the 3 steps to get started with your site. Screenshots.

Shopping Cart
  With 500 products and lots of options, 1StopPal shopping cart delivers.

New Store Builder technology brings your website to the next level

This remarkable Store Builder is the only solution that affordably allows ANYONE with even the lowest level of internet experience to build their own online store. One that would make many big corporate sites jealous.

See just a small sample of what's included:

Amazing 5 Minute Store Builder – your store will be online in less than 5 minutes. Some companies charge hundeds of dollars for this feature alone!
Incredible One Click Template Changer – change the look of your website in seconds.
Easy Website Editor – as easy as typing a letter with your favorite text editing program – even includes the buttons you already know and love (Bold, Italic….).
Beautiful Professional Image Library – add professional commercial quality Photo images to your site to give it that high quality look.
Ultra Security – your site includes online transaction security certificates, encryption, firewalls and much much more.
Instant Updater – forget about waiting days or even hours for an important change to take effect on your website. All the changes you make will instantly appear on the internet.
Extremely Flexible Payments – have your customers pay via credit card, PayPal, check, COD or money order.
Selling Power – you have the power to make sales anywhere in the world. Set one or multiple shipping rates, tax rates, return policies and much more.
Fast and FREE Merchant ID Approval – most of our members get a credit card merchant ID in less than 72 hours. 96.7% approval rate! (OAC).
Highly Flexible – you can adjust your website to look almost anyway you want.
And Much Much More!

There are over three dozen features included for free with your online store. Features others charge $20-$100 for. Take advantage of the huge saving 1ShopPal gives you by Clicking Here!

Sell Online - create your online store now!

Who gets the most
out of 1ShopPal?

Anyone that wants to sell online!

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Home Businesses
  • Managers
  • Etailers
  • Web Professionals
  • Services
  • Distributors
  • Wholesales
  • Agents
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Retailers
  • Ebooks
  • New Start Ups
  • Website Upgraders
  • Manufactures

Don't Pay Any Commissions!

Did you know that many shopping cart technologies charge you a transaction fee or keep a percentage of your sales! With 1ShopPal you get to keep all the money you make for each and every sale. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Get 350 Entrepreneurs into a room -
guess what they said

Before developing 1ShopPal, hundreds of entrepreneurs were questioned to find out what they needed the most. The answers may surprise you:

  • Make it so easy that anyone can use it
  • Make it powerful enough to run your business now and in the future
  • Make it adaptable so it will fit into any business
  • Make it non-technical so it will not require programming knowledge
  • Make it affordable so it not only pays for itself but saves us money

1ShopPal listened and created the easiest to use, most powerful, and best value online store solution possible. It is so easy to use and so flexible it will fit into virtually any business. See how easy it is for yourself!

What do you get?

Giving you the edge you need to win online:

Advanced Ecommerce Tools

  • Shopping Cart - Allows your visitors to buy products right off your site. Includes the "Buy Now", "Add To Cart", and all the other buttons you love.

  • Order Processing - The most flexible payment system on the web. Process payments immediately online, or offline with your credit card machine.

  • Catalogs - Organize your products neatly and logically in up to 100 online catalogs. You get to choose from 3 of the most popular catalog layouts. Once your customers click on a catalog item, they immediatly see complete details of your product on its own product description page.

  • Payment Options – You can choose to accept credit cards, checks, money orders, COD's or whichever payment type you desire.

  • Free Merchant ID- Through an exclusive deal with 1ShopPal, you can get your own Merchant ID FREE. No application fees, no setup fees, and better rates than most banks (OAC)!

  • Immediate Credit Card Processing - If you want your website to process credit cards immediatly, you can do so directly through your website and Authorize.net, the largest processor in the world.

  • Item Specification - This is a very important and hard item to find in a shopping cart. You can let your visitors select size, color and any other option you want to offer them, for each item you sell.

  • Shipping Flexiblity - You have the flexibility of charging shipping rates that are customized to an order.

  • Database Record Of All Orders - Never worry about losing an order again. After an order is made, it is saved in your own private order system. You can review your orders and track their progress.

  • PayPal Integration - If you love PayPal then you are going to love 1ShopPal. PayPal is fully integrated and allows you to accept and process payments automatically through your site.

  • Sales Notification - You will never miss a sale because you will be emailed immediatly with a copy of the sales invoice - you will know when your site receives an order waiting for your attention.

  • And Much Much More! Automated invoice generation, automated email confirmaton of order sent to the customer, guarantee and warranty options, secure server certificates, return policy options......

Powerful Easy To Use Website Tools

  • Easy Website Builder - Some companies charge hundreds and thousands just for this single tool. 1ShopPal uses the internet's easiest and best website building wizard available. It is so easy you will be amazed at what you can do.

  • Customer Newsletters & E-zines - This great tool gives you the ability to publish your own email newsletter just like the big sites do.

  • Auto-Responders - Gives your visitors the info they want, when they want it. Auto-responders send your visitors info, immediately upon request from your site.

  • Visitor Feed-Back Forms - Collect visitor info or give your visitors a way to request info from you. All submissions can be emailed directly to you or stored on your site to be read later.

  • Business Email - You get your own email system with your site! Send email with that professional look (name@yourname.com) and forget about using the less professional public services.

  • Unique Domain Name - You get a free 1ShopPal name with your website, but if you already own a domain name (.com, .us...) you can add it to your site to give it a truly professional look.

  • Website Membership/ Private Pages - You can have private customer or user areas on your site that are locked - not accessible to anyone without the password. Perfect for selling info online and sharing confidential info with suppliers and staff.

  • Message Boards - Allow your visitors, customers and suppliers to interact with each other through online message boards. A real cool and much-talked about feature on sites.

  • Polls - Take the pulse of your visitors and have some fun doing it. Provide online polls - ask the question every week or simply gather information and comments on topics that interest you.

  • Photo Albums - Share pictures of your work, office, staff and events with your visitors. These online albums are perfect for any business with something to show off.

  • Search Engine Registration - You can provide the site information you want the search engines to know about and then register with them directly from your site.

  • And Much Much More! Guest books, links pages, maps pages, multimedia pages, press release pages, articles pages, online coupons, quotes pages, contact us pages, 200+ templates........


All the LOOKS and POWER you expect
It does not get any more professional than this!

Just point and click to build product pages and catalogs instantly.
  Pick from numinous layout and designs for your products and catalogs.
  Includes all the "Add to Cart" and "Check Out" buttons you expect.

Made to perfectly fit your budget

Built to do Big Business but priced for your Small and Home Businesses.

It’s like buying wholesale directly from the manufacturer when you get your 1ShopPal Website.

The VERY SAME website builder sells for $899 plus $80/month, to big corporate clients. You get ALL OF THE SAME important business features as the big corporations do, but for only a fraction of the price ( example: FrontPageShoppingCarts ).

So What’s the Difference? There is Only 1

The only difference is in the number of products you can sell through your site. The big business sites are automatically set to handle a product line of up to 50,000 products – WAY TOO MANY for most small businesses to carry.

So after a little research and by talking to over one hundred small business owners, we found out that the largest number of products a small business typically sells online is about 400.

Well, to ensure 1ShopPal grows with your business, it comes standard and READY TO GO, able to HANDLE 1000 PRODUCTS! And of course you can add more products at any time, as you need to.

Click here to try building your own online store with your own products and catalogs.

Voted Best Value on the internet –
No One Compares. NO ONE!

You simply can't get the same features, ease of use, power and flexibility of your 1ShopPal site anywhere else!

You only have two options outside of 1ShopPal – to go cheaper or to go more expensive.

Cheap solutions can cost as little as $30/mo (note: the new 1ShopPal Sale Price of Only $24.95 Per Month!) but the cheaper alternative does not include any shopping cart features, very few webpages, no easy website building tools, no secure server certificates, and nothing more than a “rented space” on someone's personal computer.

Your other choice is to pay more for a more expensive service. Typically, you won't even get half the features that 1ShopPal offers, but you'll end up paying 2-3x more for hosting. In addition to higer high hosting fees, you will probably be stuck paying a set up fee, license fee and additional extra charges for features that come free with your 1ShopPal site. What you really are paying for is subsidizing their big building and high staffing costs, not for the service you need. Save thousands and give 1ShopPal a try.

NEWS Comment: Some people have written in and asked about mid-priced website builders that offer a shopping cart. Be very careful. Most of these services get you in the door with a cheap offer and then force you to upgrade your site so you can sell online. Expect to pay $50-$80 for beginner ecommerce. Save now by clicking here!

How Can 1ShopPal Afford to provide a full Online Store worth thousands for only $37.25 On Sale Now ONLY $24.95 PER MONTH?

There is only one reason why 1ShopPal can afford to offer such great value – they made a commitment to providing the best-value store builder on the web.

You have probably seen the news reports about all the problems big companies are having with debt, layoffs and declining stock prices.

While these other companies were hiring hundreds of extra staff, spending lavishly on entertaining clients and promoting their stock prices, the 1ShopPal founders were repaying loans, hiring and retaining the best professionals available and working evenings and weekends to ensure that 1ShopPal would be second to none.

Now, three years later, you are reaping the benefits of their dedication, and enjoying savings of 50%-90% off. You are paying only for the resources required to maintain and improve your service, not for expensive buildings or corporate retreats. Check out 1ShopPal for yourself!

Take this Opportunity Now to
Try It For FREE!

There has never been a better time to get your business on the internet with its own full featured internet store! 1ShopPal is now giving you the opportunity to see how easy it really is to start selling online.

Give the free trial a try and check out 1ShopPal unmatched superior quality and ease of use.

There's no hidden catches! The 1ShopPal team wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get your business online. They simply want to give you a change to see how easy it is for yourself. You don't even have to supply a credit card number!

It's so simple. If you love your online store - keep it, if you don't simply walk away and it will expire and be removed from the servers.

You HAVE No Risk WhatSoEver!

To give you the peace and security to check out 1ShopPal for yourself, you get the comfort of a full 30 DAY - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

This will allow you to give the Free Trial a try, at the end of the trial activate your site and still be able to get a full refund if for any reason you change your mind and think 1ShopPal is not perfect for you.

Internet EXCLUSIVE Bonus:

This is an internet exclusive! If you are running short of time why not have your website built for you by a professional website builder.

As you know, a professional website builder can often cost thousands of dollars for the most basic site, but through this internet-exclusive offer, you can get a 5 page website, with 5 products and lots of cool features built for you, for only $399!.

The last time 1ShopPal had a sale like this they charged $399 and hundreds of people, just like you, lined up to get their website built.

The offer was SO POPULAR that it had to be stopped because our professional website builders simply had too much to do. This time 'round, 1ShopPal has retained a small army of designers so they could build 1000 websites for new members.(note: this offer is available to NEW MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE)

I highly encourage you to take immediate advantage of this great offer. It will end without notice, once all our designers' schedules are filled, and anyone not already registered to have their website built, will have to pay the regular price of $499 (still a great deal!).

WHERE ELSE have you EVER heard of getting a Full Ecommerce Website built for you for only $399!

Click Here To Have Your Website Built For You!

(please register your site and then click on "Tools", then "Build For Me" once your site is created) You can also click here to learn more about the design program.

200 Extra Products Bonus

Give a 1ShopPal website a try TODAY and when you activate your site you will be given an extra 200 products. That EXPANDS your website to a HUGE 1200 PRODUCTS. Some websites charge twice as much for only a few dozen products.

Give 1ShopPal a try now and take advantage of this great offer.

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